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Drivers Daily Log Software

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Drivers Daily Log by LLB

is easy to use software that is fast and error free. The logbook software imports all carrier, driver, equipment and load information from the previous day to the current day's page.  With each entry or correction clicked into the graph it instantly does the math & updates your graph totals and recap. The logbook software collects remarks as needed, monitors your current hours of service  and at the end of your shift prints a signature ready log and inspection form with a couple of clicks. 

Easy Logbook Software Download

We do not not require a subscripton or registration.  You do not need a credit card to
download the free trial. Logs created while using the trial will open in the purchased version.

Prompt Support

Just click on the support link in the log book software. We respond to support requests promptly. 

Fast and Easy Logbook Software

LLB was designed with a easy to navigate paper log book format. Just flip the pages to the next day or prior days to work on, review or correct your log and recap. Step by step instructions are built in.
Download the fully functional trial and use LLB for free for a month.  There are no forms to fill out or registration. Just click and install. LLB drivers daily log is the most hastle free &  trucker friendly logbook software on the market. 

Least Expensive Driver's Daily Log Software Available

$49.00  purchase includes software, updates and prompt support for a full year. Logs created with the trial version will open in the purchased version.

Andriod Version of LLB's logbook software.

Go to the Play Store with your android device. Keyword "Drivers Daily Log"

Instructions for using Laptop Logbook

Getting Started

LLB has been designed to be as close to a paper log book as possible.  This makes it simple master in a few moments.
When you first open LLB you will have a open log named “New Log”.  The currently open log name always appears in the top left corner of the interface after the Pencil and Ruler icon.  You will change the name when you save your log for the first time. 

Entering Text Data

Enter your text information by clicking on the desired text area and typing in your information.  Driver name, Carrier, Equipment ID (s), Bill of Lading information, Pick-up and destination.  The text information can be easily carried forward on the next day by clicking on the “Copy” icon just below the date.

Entering Graph Data

Simply click on the beginning of each duty status.  The logbook software remembers where you began your last duty status and draws the line across and down or up to the beginning of the status that you just clicked.  Just click once!!  Example:  The beginning of you day is a 8 AM Pre-Trip.  Click once at 8AM on duty not driving.  The software will remember how you ended the day and draw a line across and down to 8AM On Duty Not Driving.  The only time you click at the end of a status is the end of the 24 hour period.

Saving Your Log

Save  your log by clicking “Options” then “Save Log As”  then a windows save dialog box opens to your documents folder with the name “New Log” in the filename box.
Change the name to WhatEverYouWant and it will be saved in the bottom of your documents folder as WhatEverYouWant.llb

You should save your daily drivers log thru out  the day by clicking on the save log button in the bottom left panel of the interface.  When you click on the save log button it saves to the hard disk the log listed next to the pencil and ruler icon in the top right corner of the interface.  The currently open log.  If you want to save with a new name you must go to "Option"s and "Save Log As". 
The only time you use the "Save Log As" is when you are setting up a new log.

You can create and save as many logs as you like using LLB.  If you are team driving you would both create and save a individual log.  Just as teams do with paper logs! 

Opening a saved log

Click on “Options” then “Open Saved Log”  the windows open dialog box will open to your documents folder.  Toward the bottom of the folder and file list will be the WhatEverYouNamedThem.llb log files.  Click on the file you want to open.  The log will load and you will see the chosen log name in the top right corner of the interface next to the pencil and ruler.

Turning Pages and Importing Previous Day's Info
To turn turn the pages forward or back in your log book simply click on the small book page icons below the calendar.  You will move one day per click.  If you wand to go to a kpage in a previous week or month you can get there quickly by clicking on the calender drop down and selecting the month and day.  Your drivers daily log is not limited to a single month.  You can save several months with one Log Book file

To import text information form the previous day's log simply click on the little pencil and green arrow copy icon below the calendar.  If any thing has changed such as  your trailer number, BOL info or anything in the text areas that has changed simply click on the text and edit it.  Your change is what will be copied tomorrow. 

Printing your log

You can print one or several of the currently open logs pages by clicking on the print button in the bottom left panel. A select printer dialog will open.  Select your printer.  Click print and select current page or date range of pages.  The printer will print the selected pages from the current log book's  database.  Logs must be signed and kept in the truck for 7 days.  You must print and sign your log at the end of each shift to be legal.  You  must be able to print the current log page upon the request of a law enforcement officer.  

Pre-Trip Inspection

To fill out the pre trip inspection form click on the Pre-Trip tab located next to the remarks tab.
The Pre-Trip dialog will then open.  Add any remarks or comment regarding your Pre-Trip inspection. Click on “Print Pre-Trip”.  A 12 point inspection form filled with your equipment and driver information including additional remarks will print for final notes, if any,  and signature.

Add Edit Delete Remarks

Each time you click on the beginning of a duty status a dialog will appear to collect a remark.  Example:  You clicked on on duty not driving at 1PM.  The remark dialog opens.  Your remark could be something like “Fuel Stop – Reno Nev – Cesar Sid's TA”.  Click save and your graph will be updated and the remark will appear with a time stamp in the remarks area of the log.

You can add additional remarks to the drivers daily log at any time.  You can revisit a previous log page and insert additional remarks, edit and or delete remarks by clicking on the icons just above the remarks area of  the log.


With LLB Drivers daily log software corrections are easy.  You can correct incorrect remarks by using
the add, edit and delete remarks icons located at the top of the remarks box.

The Graph Has Three Correction options:

-Shifting a duty status beginning or end. (vertical line)
-Moving a block of time from one duty status to another.
-Erasing previous clicked entry.

Shifting a vertical line: 

Quickly Double Click on the vertical duty status change line to select it.  When successfully selected a dot will appear on the top and bottom ends of the line.  Move your mouse pointer over  the line between the dots.  When you are in position your pointer will turn into a left/right arrow.  Now press and hold your left mouse button and drag the line to the correct time.  If there is a remark associated with the line it's time stamp will update to the new location on the graph.  Your recap and graph totals will also automatically update.

Moving a block of time from one duty status to another:

If you made a incorrect entry to the graph it is easy to select the unit of time and move it to the correct status.  Your graph totals as well as recap and monitor totals will instantly adjust for the correction.

To select the unit of time click once at the beginning time location on the horizontal line.  Click again at the end.  Two dots will appear indicating the selection was successful.  Now hover over the line between the dots.  When you are in position your pointer will turn into a up/down arrow.  Press and hold your left mouse button while you drag the selected unit of time t the proper location.  A remark dialog will now appear because you have just created a status change.  Enter the appropriate remark or skip remark.  Your totals will update instantly.

Erasing the previous graph grid entry:

Simply move your pointer anywhere in the graph grid and right click.  The previous entry will be erased.  If you click twice the previous two entry will erase.  Etc.
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Termination. Without prejudice to any other rights, Laptop Logbook  may terminate this EULA if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this EULA. In such event, you must destroy all copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.
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The one page interface is like the old paper log but automatic.
No more log book errors...............

Driver's Logbook software

LLB's Bill of Lading tool

will quickly and easily generate a Straight Form Bill of Lading.  Bills of lading are customarily  provided by the shipper but on occasion, especially for those hauling brokered freight, it is necessary for the driver to provide the Bill of Lading paperwork. Our Bill of Lading generator makes it a snap.  Tracking item code, description, quantity, weight as well as pallet exchanges.  Just fill in the blanks and print a standard straight form Bill of Lading.
Click to download a fully functional 30 day trial...